About Corpus Christi

Our Mission

The staff of Corpus Christi School is dedicated and committed to providing quality education, which combines academic excellence with a concern for the development of the whole child, in a Christ-centered environment. Through this witness we strive to be a positive Christian influence in our school and neighbourhood community.

Dear Lord

Our classroom is a happy place to be, Help us to be kind to ourselves and to our friends, Guide us in the words we speak, Keep us safe. Help us to be thankful for the wonderful world you have given us.


Who We Are

Corpus Christi is a Catholic School dedicated to providing excellent education which combines academic excellence with a concern for the development of the whole child. This is provided in a Christ-Centered environment where principles and practices of Catholic faith are integrated throughout the entire curriculum. Staff members work with an enthusiastic Catholic School Council to promote a safe, enjoyable and productive learning environment for our students.


Corpus Christi is located in the Mariday Park area of Thunder Bay. The school was built in 1951, with additions in 1954 and 1975. The school serves approximately two hundred and nine students from junior kindergarten to grade six. The majority of students and their families specify English as their first language, however, there is a small percentage whose first language is other than English.


Corpus Christi is a small school with nine classrooms , a library, computer lab, and a general purpose room used as a lunch room, physical education area, and general assemblies area. We have an extensive schoolyard that offers a variety of playground activities, supplemented by the facilities of an adjacent city recreation area. The school property is large and used by recreational soccer leagues in the summer. The school is situated adjacent to a park providing outdoor skating during the winter months.

Curriculum Priorities

Priorities on the past few years have included the maintenance and upgrading of a computer lab, literacy, and development of community involvement. Throughout the school year, we will focus on developing a school level computer plan that will look at developing a school web page, and will provide in service to staff members on the effective utilizations of many applications.

The staff and school community support a variety of extracurricular activities.

Community Involvement

Corpus Christi is supported by a very active School Advisory Council. The School Council provides advice and supports and assists both staff and students. Their energy, input and expertise is integral to the life of the school.


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