J.J. Kelso Centre

J.J. Kelso Centre is a residential closed custody facility operated by W.W. Creighton Youth Services for young females between 12 and 17 years who have been in conflict with the law. J.J Kelso Centre can service up to 18 high-risk young offenders. A youth may be sentenced for up to five years and she may not attend a community school.

The centre offers programs at the Senior Elementary and Secondary levels. A wide variety of courses are available to students at the essential, applied and academic levels. Intake to the school program involves diagnostic testing, contact with community school's, and orientation for all youth. An education plan is developed for each student based on their individual needs. Through individual assistance, smaller class sizes, and positive educational experiences, students are often successful in this program. Progress is evaluated according to provincial standards and expectations and reported in the student's Ontario Student Record.

Social Justice programs and special projects are effective rehabilitative components of J.J Kelso's school program. Students have participated in various wood-working and sewing projects to raise money for charity. Each spring students are responsible for the incubation and care of baby birds.

As a result of the positive, compassionate and challenging educational experiences that students receive at J.J. Kelso School, some students have returned to their community schools and have been successful. The school program offers short-term and long-term benefits for the students and society.


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