About Holy Cross

Our Mission

Our mission at Holy Cross School is to provide quality education for the whole child; to be concerned with each child's spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and social growth in an atmosphere of faith in Jesus Christ. This growth is realized through the combined effort of the family, the school and the church.

God our Father thank you for loving us so deeply.

We ask your son Jesus to be with us always,
to help us follow His example in all that we do and in all that we say.

Guide us in our work and in our play.
Teach us to be kind and gentle to all living things
and to look for your goodness in everyone we meet.
May your Holy Cross always remind us of how very much you love us.

May your face smile upon us as we work together to do our best in all things. We ask this in Jesus' name,


Who We Are

In 1956 a group of concerned parents living in this area decided they wanted Catholic education for their children. They spoke to Father St. James and began gathering names of people who would support a Catholic school. They approached the Ministry of Education who in turn gave permission and the financial support necessary for the building of the school.

In the spring of 1958 the school was completed and given the name Holy Cross School.

The original building consisted of three classrooms, a principals office and washrooms. At that time, there were approximately sixty students attending Holy Cross School. The staff consisted of three teachers and a part-time custodian.

The school board purchased a school bus and hired a parent who was given the responsibilities of both the custodian and bus driver. Enrolment at Holy Cross School grew quickly and in 1962 or 1963 two additional classrooms had to be added.

At recess time the children would play at the front of the school. The rest of the area around the building was bush. In winter, the fire truck would come and water the hills at the sides of the building so the children would have slides on which to play.

The new wing of the school was completed in 1979. The present structure contains 9 regular classrooms, a general-purpose room, a library, a junior kindergarten room, a learning centre and 4 portable classrooms.

The residential area around Holy Cross School has been greatly developed over the past five years. Enrolment at the school has risen considerably.

Holy Cross School is a school with tradition that endeavours to preserve the wisdom of the past with regard to the education of children while at the same time keeps abreast of modern educational research.


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