About St. Francis

Our Mission

St. Francis School is committed to the development of the individual child and is dedicated to responding to the uniqueness of each child with a program ensuring academic excellence and spiritual, social, emotional and physical growth. To this end, the staff, in partnership with parents and the church, will strive to create a cheerful, comfortable yet challenging Christian environment in which all pupils can grow to their full potential.

Lord, help me to be an apostle of peace;

When mistakes are made, help me show love and respect;

When I feel hurt, help me to forgive;

When I have questions, help me to ask and believe;

When I feel alone, help me to reach out and trust that things will get better;

When I feel scared, help me feel safe;

When I feel sad, help me find joy with others and myself.

Help us to make St. Francis School a place where we all feel welcomed, respected and valued.

St. Francis...Pray for us.


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