School Council

2022-2023 School Year

Melissa Porter, Co-Chair

Amy Vescio, Co-Chair

Lindsay Janiec - Council Member

Cassandra Tafe - Council Member and CPIC Representative

Jacqui Workman - Staff Representative and Recording Secretary

Carolina Gutta - Staff Representative

Ashley Markewich/Fratpietro, Council Member

Anita Treesh - Principal


About Catholic School Councils

What are they?

A School Council is a group of school community members, the majority of whom are parents, who play a responsible, active role in the educational programs and services of their school.

A School Council provides a mechanism through which the parent community is able to formally participate as partners in the improvement of student learning. In addition, a Catholic School Council is also a co-builder of the school faith community.

Who is involved?

A Catholic School Council is made up of parents/guardians, teaching and non-teaching staff representatives, parish and community representatives and the principal of the school.

What do they do?

A Catholic School Council:

  1. fosters parental and community involvement in education
  2. participates in the school improvement planning process, and
  3. advises the principal on matters pertaining to the school, school board and the Ministry of Education .

Why are they important?

Our schools are Christ-centered communities of faith anchored by the relationship between Home, School and Parish. A Catholic School Council puts into action our tradition of recognizing parents as the primary educators of their children.

When elections are held, consider forwarding your name. You can make a difference in your child’s education and in the Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board.

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