St. Margaret Our Patron Saint

Margaret, born about 1045, was the daughter of a German Princess and the English Prince Edward, son of Edmund Ironside. She was raised in Hungary where her exiled parents lived. At about the age of twelve she returned to England, but was forced into exile again after the Norman conquest in 1066. Her mother took Margaret and her siblings to Scotland. In 1070, the Scottish King Malcolm III Canmore and Margaret were married. One of their two daughters became Queen of England and three of their six sons, Edgar, Alexander I, and David I, ruled Scotland.

Margaret greatly influenced King Malcolm. Under them began the "Golden Age of Scotland:. To her husband and his country, Margaret brought the best of European culture and she encouraged many by her example of Christian virtue. She spend much time and money caring for the sick, the poor, the orphans and the prisoners. She also had a love of animals. During her time, Margaret had churches and monasteries built and repaired. Through her intervention a dispute was settled between the Church of Scotland and Rome.

In 1093, her husband and their eldest son Edward, were killed. Margaret herself died four days later.

She was canonized a saint in 1251. In 1673, she was named the Patron Saint of Scotland.

St. Margaret is the Patron Saint of our School, and Church.

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