Select the Quizzes link on the Course Home navigation bar.

The Quizzes Home page displays.

Taking a quiz

From the Quizzes Home page:

  1. Click on the hyperlink for the quiz you want to take. The instruction page for the quiz displays.
  2. Click Start Quiz!. The initial quiz page displays.
  3. Follow the instructions and complete the quiz.
  4. Click the save icon to save each question as you complete it. The Quiz Info widget helps you track saved answers. The Save icon darkens below saved answers.
  5. Click the Save All Responses button to save a page of questions or your work up to a certain point.
  6. Click the Next Page icon or the Previous Page icon to navigate between pages.
  7. Click the Go to Submit Quiz button when you are ready to submit. The Submit Quiz page displays. Unanswered questions display with a link to the unanswered question's number.
  8. If you have unanswered questions, click the hyperlinks to the questions and answer them.
  9. Looking over questions - Once you have saved a question, it is logged in the Quiz Info box as a hyperlink. You can select a link to a saved question at any time during the quiz and review or edit your answer. The Quiz Info box also indicates which answers still need to be saved.
  10. When you are sure you have completed the quiz, click Submit Quiz.

Note: If the time limit has passed, you will be asked to submit your quiz. Important Note If your instructor has chosen to auto-submit quizzes at the end of the designated time period and you have not finished the quiz, only the questions you have saved will be submitted. You must ensure that all of your answers are saved before the time limit expires.

Viewing your submission information and graded quizzes

To access information about your submissions and your grades:

  1. Select the Quizzes link from your Course Home navigation bar.
  2. Click the on the hyperlink for the quiz you want view.
  3. Click the Submissions icon. The Submissions page displays.

Note: Grades and statistical information become available when your instructor has graded the quizzes.

Note: You can also view your grades (when posted by the instructor) by selecting the Grades link on your Course Home navigation bar.

Viewing Reports

Instructors may make extra information about quiz results available for you to view through reports.

To check if reports are available:

  1. Click the Reports icon from the list of choices at the top of a quiz page. The Reports page displays.
  2. Click the title link of the report you want to view.
  3. Click Generate Report. The Report displays.
  4. To print a report click Print Report, choose your desired print settings in the pop-up window, and click Print.

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