Language Arts

Words and language have a tremendous impact on our day-to-day lives. Learning how to use them effectively is a key skill in our development. These links relate to English language topics including reading, storytelling, and communication.


Oban's Myths, Legends and Fables

There are stories from Native American Indians, the Aboriginal Dreamtime, Korea, India and many other countries I have visited. Explore them and you will find out how the Kangroo got his tail, how Coyote made people and what happened to the ungrateful tiger.

Flashlight Readers

Flashlight Readers

Flashlight Readers is an interactive literacy experience that lets readers enter the world of books and communicate with their favorite authors. Each of the highly-taught, popular titles offers community-building learning activities, author chats, and slideshows, all while encouraging essential reading and writing skills.

Fractured Fairy Tails

Fractured Fairy Tales

Explore Fractured Fairy Tales with Jon Scieszka, author of The True Story of the Three Little Pigs! and Squids Will Be Squids. Use our Classroom Activity Guides for each of the books. Then you can write your own fractured fairy tale and publish it online.

Mystery Kids

MysteryNet's Kids

Mystery Net is the place for online mysteries and mystery games. Every Month the site features See-n-Solve, Solve-it, Twist and Flash mysteries. Every Day: Get-a-Clue mini-mystery, Teasers by Members. Sign up for the Free monthly email mystery and receive a Solve-it each month. Mystery Net provides a resource for mystery books, mystery TV shows, and mystery games. The site also provides a very active online community with mystery discussion forums on everything related to the mystery genre.

Poetry of Kaarla Kushkin

Poetry of Kaarla Kushkin

Poetry's cool — and a lot of fun! In this workshop, I will help you turn your words and ideas into descriptive and powerful poems. As you explore the world of poetry writing, I'll share with you writing tips that I use when I write my poems, as well as ideas for revising your work. When you complete the workshop, you can create a special edition of your poem — published online! I won't be commenting on your poems, but I'll enjoy reading them after you've posted them online.

Stories From The Web

Stories from the Web is a great place for children and young people to read, write and play. It is all about books, stories and creative writing.

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